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Davide Elgrabli (1987) is an architect and a designer. He studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, where he graduated in the course of Product Design. During his studies he was focusing on designing spaces, services and furniture merging various cultural contexts, combining traditional craftsmanship with new technologies. Few years later Davide completed his Engineering Architecture Master studies.

Davide was collaborated with Fabio Verdelli in Milan in the field of product and service development beside the whole philosophy of user experience, designing products for manufacturers and designers such as Luxottica and Philippe Starck. After that experience, Davide becomes a lead designer at Richard Hutten studio in Rotterdam, which helped to hone his feeling for materials, structures, and textures. 

Davide’s hybrid spaces and objects combine a practical ingenuity of materials, forms, and colors, which and are placed on a boundary between art and design. His work aims to irritate attentiveness and interaction, focuses on a sustainable approach, user experience and new challenges on existing materials.​

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General info. / New project / Press: info@davidelgrabli.net